Request to stop water service. Report billing, water quality, and other related issues.

If this request is regarding an immediate water or wastewater emergency please call us at (813)744-5600 and if you need to start new service within the next 48 hours please call us at (813)272-6680.


Can't Find Your Service Request?

Customers need to be logged into an account when submitting new service requests in order to track the status of their open requests. If you previously submitted a service request without being logged into an account, please feel free to call (813) 272-5900 for assistance or a status update.

Confidentiality & Public Records

Any information included is not confidential and is subject to Public Record Laws of the State of Florida and will be provided upon request. Any information included cannot be deleted or retracted once submitted.

1. What

What is the specific need?

2. Who

Please provide your contact information so we can follow up on your request

3. Where

Please provide the address or closest intersection where the issue occurred

4. Details